06 / 09 / 21Subsidies for business in Kaliningrad after the abolition of customs privileges will remain until 2031

Previously, it was assumed that from 2020 there will be an annual 5% decrease in the total volume of subsidies to the region.


  • Arrangement of conditions for accelerated industrial growth of North-Western Federal District of Russia and improve the level of the transport communications of Russia in the light of its joining the WTO and boosting international cooperation within APEC due to synergies from applying innovation developments in production and logistics areas and using state-of-the-art 3PL technologies.
  • Making conditions for the integration of Russia's transportation and logistics system into the international cross-national network to improve competitive position of Russian export with the country's joining the WTO.






  • Establishment of the center for sustainable development of modern innovative production facilities in Kaliningrad region and North-Western Federal District.
  • Development of the regional complex of production facilities based on the infrastructure and services of the industrial park.
  • Provision of conditions for maximum attraction of cargo traffic to the international corridors passing along Kaliningrad region (IX D West-East, I A North-South) with the simultaneous minimization of financial and time resources for both Russian domestic (trans-regional) and international traffic.

Industrial Park

«Western Gate»


Since 2011 Group of Companies has been implementing Western Gate Industrial Park Project in Kaliningrad region, the Project deals with the processing of commodity and feedstock streams. The approach proposed by the Group of Companies integrates the benefits of multimodal transport and logistics complexes and innovation technological parks. The structure of the Park is being developed based on the specific nature of the problems to be solved through the Project and includes the following key clusters:  

Innovation and Management Cluster.
  • Western Gate Industrial Park Managing Company.
  • Information Center.
  • Financial and Leasing Center.
  • Marketing and Analytical Center.
  • Technological and Consulting Center.
  • Innovation Center.
Transportation and Logistics Cluster.
  • 100,000 m2 Class A Logistics Terminal.
  • Container Terminal (storage and handling capacity - 500 containers).
  • Bulk Cargo Handling Site.
  • Transportation Division (Motor and Railway Transport, Repair Workshops).
Oil and Gas Cluster.
  • Complex for the production of bitumen-polymer products.
  • Complex for the Storage of Refining and Petrochemical Products.
  • Gas-Filling Station (capacity - 1,400m3) with the gas-container handling site.
Industry and Production Cluster.
  • Pharmaceutical Division.
  • Polymer Products and Packaging Materials Division.
  • Agrarian Division.
  • Fertilizer Production.
  • Wood-Processing Division.
  • Construction Elements and Steelwork Division.
Service Cluster.
  • Business Center.
  • Customs Station.
  • Offices of banks, insurance companies and logistics companies.
  • Conference Hall, Recreation Facilities and Cafes.



The history Group of Companies began back in 1992 when Sole Trader Vodolazskiˇ was registered. The company dealt with the sales of commodity goods in Omsk and Omsk region. As the turnover grew, the company reached the regional level in 1995. Apart from Russia the company delivered goods to the FSU and Asian countries and imported goods from Eastern Europe and South Korea.


Over these 20 years the company developed:

- Infrastructure as its own oil depot and transportation division (truck and railway tank-cars).

- Own certified oil product testing laboratory equipped with ISO 9001 instruments.

- Own processing facilities on the lube oils' treatment and packaging.

- Proven processes and production cycles with up-to-date monitoring system.


During its business life the Group of Companies established stable business ties with numerous major companies.