To Production and Production Engineering Companies

Siboil Group of Companies invites potential residents of the Industrial Park – Russian and international production and production engineering companies to the participation in Western Gate Industrial Park Construction Project using all the advantages of the existing industrial park and its geographical location.


Our mutually beneficial cooperation may be implemented in any form which is most convenient for you:

  • Location of the production facilities at the area of the Industrial Park on conditions of the infrastructure site long-term lease using all the advantages provided by the integrated industrial and logistics complex.
  • Positioning of the production facilities in the Industrial Park with the acquisition of the title rights for the infrastructure site.
  • Cooperation with the Industrial Park management company on "built-to-suit" technolog


Regardless of the participation form all the resident companies of Kaliningrad region special economic zone enjoy substantial tax privileges:

  • Customs duties preferences and tax privileges concerning the commodities imported for further processing.
  • Preferential customs regime.
  • Milder requirements in terms of structure and jobs number in case of using free economic zone regime
  • Simplified entrance procedure for the international experts in the region.
  • Climatic conditions favorable for industrial production.
Tax exemptions The first 6 years after the company’s inclusion in the SEZ register 7-12 years after the company’s inclusion in the SEZ register
Property Tax

0 % of the taxation rate

50% of the taxation rate

Profit Tax

0 % of the tax rate, from the period following the period of receipt of profit

10% in the period from 7 to 12 years, from the period following the period of exemption from income tax

Land Tax

is not paid by SEZ residents in the Kaliningrad Region for 5 years from the moment of the emergence of ownership of the land

Salary fund tax

(Social contributions)

7.6% during the operation of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region - until 2026