Objectives of Western Gate Industrial Park Project

Strategic Aims of the Project:

  • Arrangement of conditions for accelerated industrial growth of North-Western Federal District of Russia and improve the level of the transport communications of Russia in the light of its joining the WTO and boosting international cooperation within APEC due to synergies from applying innovation developments in production and logistics areas and using state-of-the-art 3PL technologies.
  • Making conditions for the integration of Russia's transportation and logistics system into the international cross-national network to improve competitive position of Russian export  with the country's joining the WTO.


Short-Term Aims of the Project:

  • Establishment of the center for sustainable development of modern innovative production facilities in Kaliningrad region and North-Western Federal District.
  • Development of the regional complex of production facilities based on the infrastructure and services of the industrial park.

  • Provision of conditions for maximum attraction of cargo traffic to the international corridors passing along Kaliningrad region (IX D West-East, I A North-South) with the simultaneous minimization of financial and time resources for both Russian domestic (trans-regional) and international traffic.