Western Gate Industrial Park Resident Strengths and Opportunities

  • The Industrial Park will be designed and built using most state-of-the-art production and transportation/logistics technologies of the XXI century.
  • The Park's location enables arrangement of efficient logistics delivery patterns for the customers from Russia, the EU, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia as well as North America.
  • The Park's location at the crossing of motorway, railroad, air and marine routes enables reduction of the delivery scopes via the currently overloaded St. Petersburg port by means of redistribution of the cargo flows along the Baltics alternative transportation corridor
  • The Park facilities will enable transit deliveries to all the EU countries as well as cargo re-loading to all the transport types in import and export directions
  • The currently exiting lack of Class A warehouse supply in Kaliningrad region as well as limited area of land plots for industrial development will enable maximum use of Kaliningrad region export potential as a major hub in the European logistics system.
  • Presently the utilization factor of the potential of the railway adjacent to the Park area is only 31%. Participation in transnational programs enables streamline commodity transportation to/from the Park area in virtually any scope and direction.


The following factors represent some more significant advantages of the production facilities' location in the Industrial Park:

  • Geographical proximity to the feedstock sources and consumers
  • Availability of the Park's own transportation and logistics complex
  • Availability of the Park's own innovative engineering facilities enabling implementation of cutting-edge technological developments
  • Cost reduction for a stand-alone industrial facility due to the use of shared infrastructure
  • Implementation of advanced quality management technologies
  • Application of energy-saving technologies and equipment
  • Use of modern European technologies with smaller labor remuneration costs
  • Possibility of reverse sales with maximum spot contract margins

The combination of the factors above will significantly optimize costs per unit product and promote successful
competition with Russian and European manufacturers.