Works Completed on Western Gate Industrial Park Project

  • Purchase of the land for the location of the Park on title ownership basis (area 218 hectares). Land category - for the location of industrial facilities and other facilities within production, engineering and transportation infrastructure.
  • Construction of approach railway tracks (1,520-mm and 1,435-mm wide) from Mamonovo station is underway. 
  • Wells have been drilled for the Park water-supply. 
  • Bridge and motorway from the Park side has been performed. Motorway from Mamonovo-Broniewo border crossing and internal motorways are being designed.
  • Works on the tie-in to power-supply grids based on the engineering specifications obtained are underway. 
  • Engineering specifications have been obtained and design for the Park gas-supply has been made.
  • Water treatment plant design activities are underway. For the period of the water-treatment plant construction tie-in to Mamonovo municipality is approved.
  • Currently a number of Russian and European Union companies submitted documents to be registered as the Park residents. The participants' pool is being established now.