Expected Results of the Project Implementation

  • In Kaliningrad region conditions for enhanced innovative development of North-Western Federal District of Russia and improved standard of transport connectivity of the Russian Federation will be provided.
  • The project implementation will promote integration of the transport and logistics system of Russia into the global transport and logistics network to improve Russian export competitive position in the conditions of the country's joining the WTO
  • Within the frameworks of the Project implementation an innovative growth point will be created in Kaliningrad region due to synergies from the involvement of innovative developments in the technological area and most cutting-edge 3PL technologies in the area of logistics chains arrangement. To attain this goal at the area of the land plot purchased construction of Industrial and Logistics Park with a versatile set of the services provided was started. The Park competitive advantages enable the development of an efficient production complex based on handling transit export/import flows.
  • The Project implementation will facilitate any deliveries to the users including customs clearance and logistics risks' insurance concerning the commodities.
  • Streamlined logistics and the Park's location on the crossroads of the commodity routes will enable arranging efficient production facilities in the following areas: oil refining, pharmaceutics, food industry, wood processing, construction materials etc. as well as provide complete warehousing and transport infrastructure for the existing production facilities.
  • Due to the potential available the Park will arrange conditions for the efficient development not only for the Park's own production facilities but also for those of the Park residents.
  • The Park development will form the basis for the international cooperation expansion and more active partnership integration in the European economy. This issue has become even more topical after Russia's joining the WTO.
  • Within the Project implementation framework conditions for the priority development of the production facilities located in the Industrial Park will be established; this development will be basically driven by the following factors: 
  1. - prossibility of comprehensive implementation of the projects from the Park's provision of consultancy services, fund-raising to the implementation of state-of-the-art project management technologies
  2. - availability of comprehensive infrastructure at the investment site which minimizes the Project "entrance" costs
  3. - risk mitigation during the Project implementation due to the Industrial Park's core areas of interest