Project Phase 1


  • motorway with inter-block roads and turnaround and parking areas
  • railway branch as per Russian standards (track width - 1,520 mm), with weighting site at the site entrance area to the relevant facilities (providing the use of railway transport during the technological process for the feedstock delivery and/or finished products' shipment), loading/unloading racks at the oil depot and bitumen plant,   inspection racks at the bulk cargo handling, container terminal and LPG container handling sites.
  • 1,435-mm wide railway branch with a system for the replacement of rolling stock wheelsets. This facility is a component part of Oil Depot production facility.




  • Site for the handling of bulk cargo, inert and construction materials. It consists of 3 functional facilities: outdoor site for handling crushed stones, sand and sandy gravels; indoor hangar-type area for handling packed dry mortars and process equipment to provide turnover of unpacked construction cement (reception of railway cars, storage, subsequent shipment by trucks)  
  • Container storage and handling site (maritime, railway, refrigerator containers, Russian containers of different capacity) for simultaneous storage and handling of 500 containers. Site process equipment - general-purpose track-mounted gantry crane (max. capacity 50 tons)
  • LPG container handling site and gas-filling station with the storage capacity of 1,400 m3.




  • Fertilizer production plant (process unit, production complex). Maximum capacity - 30 t/h, line capacity - 48.5 kWh, production building area - min. 300 m2, adjacent production area - min, 1000 m2, availability of the ramp (site) for the unloading of the feedstock delivered by railway. 
  • Polymer film plant (process unit, production complex). Capacity - 1,950 tpa. Operation mode - continuous. Production building area - 1000 m2. Consumed power - 325 kWh. Availability of the site for the reception of feedstock delivered by railway is not mandatory. Adjacent production area - 500 m2.
  • Handling and distribution oil depot, storage capacity - 10,000 tons. Turnover (reception, storage, subsequent delivery) of inflammable liquids and LPG (oil products). Equipment: above-ground vessel tank farm for segregated storage (Shukhov tanks), handling railway and motorway ramps, equipment for handling operations (motorway and railway transport), process pipelines, pumps and compressors.




  • Warehouse for the temporary storage of commodities, equipment and materials subject to customs clearance.
  • gas boiler house
  • cogeneration plant
  • transformer substation
  • artesian well with water-treatment plant
  • power transmission line (overhead, cable)
  • gas-supply lines
  • temporary back offices, amenity rooms and other premises.