The history of Siboil Group of Companies began back in 1992 when Sole Trader Vodolazskió was registered. The company dealt with the sales of commodity goods in Omsk and Omsk region. As the turnover grew, the company reached the regional level in 1995. Apart from Russia the company delivered goods to the FSU and Asian countries and imported goods from Eastern Europe and South Korea.


Over these 20 years the company developed:

  • Infrastructure as its own oil depot and transportation division (truck and railway tank-cars).
  • Own certified oil product testing laboratory equipped with ISO 9001 instruments.
  • ŃOwn processing facilities on the lube oils' treatment and packaging.
  • Proven processes and production cycles with up-to-date monitoring system.

Over its entire history the company acquired experience in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Equipment.
  • Foodstuff and Agricultural Products.
  • Motor Vehicles.
  • Oil Refining and Petrochemical Products.

Since 2002 the company’s core area has been oil refining and petrochemical products. Over this period the company has passed the way from the small trader to a major successful companies delivering fuels and lubricants all over Russia and internationally.

Apart from the trading activities the company acted as co-investor in several projects in the following areas:

  • Foodstuff Manufacture.
  • Production of pharmaceutical products and medical instruments.

In these projects Siboil Group of Companies acted as co-investor and participated in start-up phase. As the project was reaching breakeven the company was selling its share to other shareholders.


During its business life the Group of Companies established stable business ties with numerous major companies.