Advantages of Western Gate Industrial Park

  • The industrial park is located at the crossing of motorways, railways, air and marine routes. Availability of transport infrastructure and nearby customs terminals will enable arranging efficient delivery logistics for the customers.
  • St. Petersburg sea port facilities are limited. To meet transit demand additional transport corridors with modern warehousing facilities need to be developed. The Industrial Park completely meets the existing demand.
  • Possibility of transit delivery to all the European Union countries.
  • Possibility of cargo re-loading using all kinds of transport in export/import directions.
  • Absence of Class A warehouse supply in Kaliningrad region.
  • Limited area of land plots for industrial development.
  • Provision of plots for the development with the provision of all the infrastructure required.
  • Currently the utilization factor of the potential of the railway adjacent to the Industrial Park area is only 31%. It enables streamline commodity transportation to/from the ILP area in virtually any scope and direction.
  • The ILP multi-functionality enables Industrial Park's implementation of any cross-national programms.
  • Possibility of using Kaliningrad region status as the Special Economic Zone resident with tax exemptions.