Delegation from Poland

13 / 10 / 15

At the beginning of the 2015 year, the logistics delegation from Poland visited the construction area. The chief of the expedition and affreightment agency «OKMARIT» Waldemar Varchak head the delegation.


The main aim of the visit was the discussion of the possibilities of economic cooperation, including creation of joint ventures. On the platform in relation to the area were demonstrated plans how to develop logistics network of the park, were discussed a number of questions about cross-border movement of goods, creating supply chain from Southeast Asia to the European part of Russia and the EU  in order to transport large volumes containerized cargos.


Polish partners are interested in further networking with the Russian Federation. In this way the development of the industrial and logistics area of the “Western gate” park that is located near to the borders of the European Union and the Republic of Poland, in polish partners’ opinion, is extremely timely.


The industrial park “Western gate” possibilities of manufacturing placing and logistics operations were highly appreciated. The parties agreed on further cooperation and cooperation development.



13 / 03 / 18A cooperation agreement was signed with Orient LLC

An agreement on cooperation and mutual exchange of experience and information with the limited liability company Orient, specializing in construction technologies, was signed.

01 / 03 / 18On February 28, a meeting of the Committee for Taxes, Tariffs and Development of the SEZ of the Kaliningrad CCI was held

During the meeting of the committee, documents were discussed that must be submitted to obtain the status of a resident of the SEZ in the Kaliningrad region.

19 / 02 / 18Visit the site representatives of the Czech investment company Hedviga group

February 19 at the site of the Industrial Park "Western Gate" visited Czech businessmen, representatives of the Czech investment company Hedviga group.