The delegation of JSC "Group of company "Titan"

04 / 05 / 16

On the eve of Victory Day, May 4, 2016, the  delegation of the partners and potential investors of the construction site operator,  headed by the Chairman of the Board of  Directors of JSC «GC «Titan» Michael Sutyaginsky visited the construction site of the Industrial Park "Western Gate». Also the meeting was attended by the head of administration of Mamonovskiy city district Sergei Gvozdinsky, CEO of the Development Corporation Kaliningrad region  Pavel Fedorov, Head of Communications department Natalia Stroganova.


Negotiators discussed prospects of the industrial park development, the opportunities of "China - Kaliningrad - Russia" logistics corridor in the framework of the international project "New Silk Road" and the prospects of marine transport path through the deep water port of Gdansk. In particular, they talked about a possible production load of the future industrial park, the current situation of freight flows and the provision of range of services for Kaliningrad and Russian enterprises. It is also considering the establishment of a regional logistics center in the region.


Michael Sutyaginsky noted that among other  wide range of products the production of "GC «Titan» includes high value added petroleum products, in particular polypropylene yarns, tape, fiber. It allows to create a hi-tech production of marketable products in the construction industry on the territory of a matching production site in the Kaliningrad region: geotextile and reinforcing nets, plastic films used for the construction of high-quality roads.


Yury Vodolazskiy, CEO of the Industrial Park operator company, praised the importance of the new project for the region.


"Firstly, the project has the social aspect. New jobs and taxes to local budgets. Our construction companies and, above all, road builders need products. Secondly, it is the products of the next redistribution of petroleum, is not a simple production. Deep processing of petroleum products is a trend that is  given by the country's leadership, it’s aim to hold the competition. Thirdly, it is import substitution. No doubt such a high quality products will be in demand in the international market ", - said the head of the park operator.


"The quality of the products,  produced at the planned plant in the Kaliningrad region will reach a new level. One of the aims  is to become the Russia market leader  and probably  the EURASEC market leader".



06 / 06 / 18The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading the law creating a legal basis for the operation of industrial technology parks

The document amends the law "On industrial policy in the Russian Federation" and introduces the concept of "industrial technology park"

02 / 05 / 18The management company of the park "Western Gate" took part in the exhibition "TransRussia-2018"

The management company of the West Gate Park took part in the TransRussia-2018 exhibition, holding a series of meetings and negotiations.

16 / 04 / 18The report of the Eurasian Development Bank on increasing the importance of the railway communication on the project "One belt - one way" with Southeast Asia

In a favorable scenario in the long term, the total freight traffic along the China-ENPP-EU axis could grow to 1.3 million TEU.