Negotiations with INTERBALT (Poland)

22 / 06 / 18


Negotiations were held with the Polish company INTERBALT, which is the operator of transshipment of coal and ore materials in the port of Gdańsk. This direction is being worked out in the complex of the logistics direction of the ILK "Western Gate".

The representative of the company, Tadeusz Sulecki, confirmed the possibilities of the new Gdansk port in transshipment, storage, sorting of bulk ore cargoes. These opportunities will be used when filling the capacity of the projected transport and logistics terminal "Western Gate".

11 / 01 / 19The governor of the Kaliningrad region has set the task to improve the quality of investment management

On Thursday, January 10, Anton Alikhanov delivered an investment message.

21 / 12 / 18Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the New Year 2019 and the bright holiday of Christmas!

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The way of delivery of the Russian energy resource through the logistics complex ILK "Western Gate"