Export strategy of the region until 2025

25 / 07 / 18

In the Kaliningrad region, an export strategy was adopted. It is aimed at the development of industries with a high level of added value, an increase in the export of processed products, assembly production, high-tech exports, exports of science-intensive and intellectual services. This was reported to the region's media by the press service of the regional government.

The region is one of the leaders in the country by the share of exports to GRP, which in recent years has been between 54% and 27%. According to the forecasts of the Ministry for Industrial Policy, the development of entrepreneurship and trade in the region, after a decline in the last three years, the volume of supplies in the future to 2025 could grow by 150-200%.

"The strategy is designed until 2025. During this period, the task was set to implement an effective model of export specialization of the Kaliningrad region. There is already a good basis for this: our region is sufficiently integrated into the world economy and is considered one of the most advanced in the Russian Federation by the share of exports. At the same time, we need to pick up the decline in recent years, help our existing enterprises, promote Kaliningrad goods and services to new markets", said Dmitry Kuskov, Minister for Industrial Policy, Enterprise Development and Trade of the region.

11 / 06 / 19Construction of the administrative building of the logistics division

In the midst of construction work on the administrative building of the logistics division.

20 / 05 / 19The construction of the logistics division has begun

The construction of the first line of the logistics division began at the site of the industrial park "Western Gate".

03 / 04 / 19New bridge over the Amur. Additional cargo flow from the PRC within the framework of “One belt. One way” through the Kaliningrad region.

The construction of a powerful new railway bridge between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, which is being commissioned in the near future, is coming to an end. Kaliningrad region is selected for the logistic bundle of railway systems with Russian and European gauge.