Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on the establishment of an offshore zone on the island of October in the Kaliningrad region

04 / 08 / 18


Residents of offshore zones will be able to become companies registered abroad. At the same time, according to the bill, financial and non-credit organizations, as well as operators of payment systems, will not be residents.

In addition, half a year after registration in the regions, it will be necessary to invest at least 50 million rubles in Russia. Investments are understood as contributions to the authorized capital, fund or contributions to the property of Russian companies. Another condition for registration - the company should be established no later than January 1, 2018.

Special tariffs for the taxation of international companies will be established in special regions: zero interest on income received by an international company in the form of dividends, and five percent on income received by foreign residents as dividends on shares of international firms that were public at the time of issue.

20 / 08 / 19Container transit between China and the EU through the Kaliningrad region is growing multiply

This shows interest in the development of the Baltic direction of the trade route "One belt - one way."

12 / 07 / 19Kaliningrad railway is accelerating

The potential of the Kaliningrad railway is growing in terms of transit of containerized cargo from China to the EU and reverse.

11 / 06 / 19Construction of the administrative building of the logistics division

In the midst of construction work on the administrative building of the logistics division.