The Kaliningrad team of the management company of the Western Gates Industrial Park visited the foresight session of the "BIG Block"

26 / 09 / 18


The purpose of the session was:
- the formation of a space for business development in Russia for agents involved in blocking technologies;
- the formation of regulatory conditions (regulatory framework, standards, support measures) that can provide Russia with a faster development of financial and technological markets than other countries;
- definition of a list of promising projects (fast in implementation, profitable, provided by the current starting resources), including projects in the Kaliningrad region.



Leading experts from different regions formed the image of an ideal future, in the context of integration of state structures with block technologies and crypto-economy. The program director of the session was Alexey Yatsyna.



Due to geographical, socio-cultural, economic and political conditions, the Kaliningrad region can become a testing ground for change. Which can then be scaled to the level of the country and the world. Positive changes in the work on the federal investment strategy and the creation of decentralized solutions can provide a new level of openness and trust. This will make the society more conscious and humane.

Also practical aspects of the application of block technologies were considered, in particular, the process of distributed computing in the crypto-currency mining. Industrial prak "Western Gate" can offer a place and infrastructure for the development of such projects, characterized by increased energy intensity, production factors, as well as specific requirements for placement.

As a result of the work of the foresight sessions were formed:
- "Ideal image of the future", including the definition of forms and activities, their legislative regulation: permission, standards, taxation, accounting;
- List of products, services, technological solutions that need to be developed in Russia;
- Roadmap for implementing legislative initiatives;
- Possible ways of practical application.




20 / 08 / 19Container transit between China and the EU through the Kaliningrad region is growing multiply

This shows interest in the development of the Baltic direction of the trade route "One belt - one way."

12 / 07 / 19Kaliningrad railway is accelerating

The potential of the Kaliningrad railway is growing in terms of transit of containerized cargo from China to the EU and reverse.

11 / 06 / 19Construction of the administrative building of the logistics division

In the midst of construction work on the administrative building of the logistics division.