Industrial technology parks will provide state support

22 / 10 / 18


The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia proposes a new measure of support and development of small and medium-sized businesses. The federal agency believes that the creation of industrial parks and technology parks can contribute to this, and are willing to subsidize part of the cost of creating them, subject to partial co-financing from regional budgets, as well as having at least 20% extra-budgetary investment in the project.

“This is one of the events of the national project to ensure preferential access of small and medium-sized businesses to production facilities and premises,” Dmitry Kuskov explained. - The amount of subsidies, depending on the duration of the project is from 250 million to half a billion rubles. We will try to prepare a high-quality application and make all possible efforts to attract federal funding. ”

The plans of the regional authorities to participate in the competition are supported by the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia, with which the regional government recently signed a cooperation agreement.
“Government initiatives have given new impetus to the large-scale joint work of the Association with the regions of Russia, aimed at increasing the economic and investment potential of the regions. We positively assess the opportunities offered by the new measure of support, primarily for private industrial technoparks, ”said the head of the Association, Andrei Shpilenko.

For reference:

Activities of the national project to ensure preferential access of SMEs to production facilities and premises provide for the creation in the subjects of the Russian Federation at least 129 industrial parks and technology parks, including in the field of high technology and agro-industrial production.

In 2019, as part of the implementation of activities, it is planned to provide subsidies to not less than 22 projects of industrial parks and technology parks, in 2020 - at least 38 projects, in 2021 - at least 43 projects. To participate in the creation and (or) development of industrial infrastructure are invited not only public but also private management companies, private industrial parks / technology parks. However, priority will be given to existing facilities. The maximum amount of subsidies will be 250 million rubles for 1 year and 500 million rubles for two years.

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