The governor of the Kaliningrad region has set the task to improve the quality of investment management

11 / 01 / 19


The report of the head of the region on the priorities of investment policy, the results of the work of the regional government in the area of ​​business support and industrial development, as well as on new projects for the economic development of the territory was presented at this year’s first meeting of the Council for the Improvement of the Investment Climate in the Kaliningrad Region.

According to the governor, the regional government has identified three main tasks in working with investors. This development of infrastructure and removal of infrastructure restrictions, maximization of tax benefits and preferences, as well as affordable regulation of business, which, in the opinion of the head of the region, should first of all be expressed in the elimination of unnecessary administrative barriers.

“Our main key to success is improving the quality of investment management,” said Anton Alikhanov.

The Governor noted a positive trend in the main indicators of the investment development of the Kaliningrad Region. In the region, a steady growth in investment has been observed for several years in a row. In 2017, this figure rose by almost a quarter, to 118 billion rubles. At the end of last year, it is predicted to be insignificant, to 100-110 billion rubles, a decrease which was expected against the background of the high base of the previous year and in connection with the completion of large infrastructure projects in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. Positive dynamics show the majority of manufacturing industries.

In his investment message, the governor paid much attention to measures to support science and innovation in the region, small and medium-sized businesses, and the introduction of targeted regulatory models. The results of this work were reflected in the growth of the position of the Kaliningrad region in the national ratings. In 2018, the region first hit the top 20 in the investment attractiveness rating of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, moving up 24 positions in the year: from 39 to 15 place. In the PPP ranking, the most western region of Russia took 32nd place last year with an increase of 30 points in five years.

In the course of the report, the first results of work on creating clusters and industrial parks in the region were also presented, an overview of the most promising investment projects in the Kaliningrad economy in industry, energy, transport, the agro-industrial sector, new development projects on the island’s territory supported by the President of Russia was made. October in Kaliningrad.


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