New bridge over the Amur. Additional cargo flow from the PRC within the framework of “One belt. One way” through the Kaliningrad region.

03 / 04 / 19

Photo: Xinhua

The construction of a bridge across the Amur River connecting in the middle of 2019, linking the territory of the PRC and the Russian Federation, is being completed. China needs supplies of Russian energy and raw materials to ensure its own economic growth. Russia, in turn, is interested in exporting products to China.

Designing a bridge across the Amur: bridge length, throughput

  •     The total length is about 2 kilometers;
  •     Erection is on both sides. Chinese colleagues are working on a section of 1.9 kilometers;
  •     The constructed object will be part of the unified transport system of the railway communication, connecting with the Trans-Siberian Railway;
  •     At the initial stage of the construction of the object, the Russian builders had difficulties, now the work is proceeding at an accelerated pace;
  •     The capacity of the facility is estimated at about 20 million tons of cargo annually;
  •     The railway communication will increase the freight traffic between the countries by 10 million tons, reducing the existing road by 700 kilometers.

* * *

As part of the development of transport communication between the PRC and the European Union, “One Belt. One Way” and thanks to the development of transport infrastructure, relations between Chinese producers and Russian territories are developing in terms of the development of logistic capabilities for delivering goods to the final consumer.

Kaliningrad Railway, Fesco Integrated Transport LLC and Zhengzhou International Hub (China) have agreed to cooperate in the field of freight traffic.

During the working meeting in Kaliningrad, the leadership of the Kaliningrad Railway and representatives of the companies Fesco Integrated Transport (FIT LLC) and Zhengzhou International Hub (China) discussed a wide range of issues relating to cooperation in the field of transit cargo transportation through the Kaliningrad region. In particular, representatives of FIT LLC and a Chinese company noted that they are interested in organizing container transportation along the China-Europe-China route both through land border crossings of the Kaliningrad railway and in multimodal communication with the participation of Kaliningrad ports and specialized terminals. The parties informed about plans for the organization of transit traffic in the Kaliningrad area.

During the visit, the delegation of LLC FIT and Zhengzhou International Hub familiarized themselves with the infrastructure potential of the port terminal at Baltiysk station, as well as the Kaliningrad railway, noting its advantages such as having two standard gauges, the possibility of delivering goods as soon as possible and international trains check points.

About company:
Zhengzhou International Hub operates regular container trains from Zhengzhou to Brest and Hamburg, as well as to Kazakhstan, Japan and South Korea. In 2016, ZIH sent more than 250 trains in the direction of China-Europe-China and transported about 13,000 tons of products worth $ 12.7 million.

ZIH is also engaged in the import and trading of grain, products of the agro-industrial complex, confectionery and dairy products, bottled mineral water and juices, wine-making products, including beer and other food products, working directly with manufacturers. The company provides transportation in its own universal and refrigerated containers.

In addition, ZIH has several “dry” container terminals in Hamburg, Warsaw, Mannheim, Munich, Prague, Rotterdam, Minsk, Brest and other locations and develops the LCL service (consolidation of small consignments to form a container).


11 / 06 / 19Construction of the administrative building of the logistics division

In the midst of construction work on the administrative building of the logistics division.

20 / 05 / 19The construction of the logistics division has begun

The construction of the first line of the logistics division began at the site of the industrial park "Western Gate".

03 / 04 / 19New bridge over the Amur. Additional cargo flow from the PRC within the framework of “One belt. One way” through the Kaliningrad region.

The construction of a powerful new railway bridge between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, which is being commissioned in the near future, is coming to an end. Kaliningrad region is selected for the logistic bundle of railway systems with Russian and European gauge.