Kaliningrad railway is accelerating

12 / 07 / 19

The presentation of the transit potential of the Kaliningrad Railway was held during a meeting of the Russian-Chinese Frontier Railway Commission, which was held from 26 to 28 June in Kaliningrad. The commission was attended by the heads of the Harbin Railway Corporation (China), Trans-Baikal, Far Eastern and Kaliningrad Railways.

During the plenary session, the Head of the Kaliningrad Railway, Viktor Golomolzin, spoke about the main transport and logistics products implemented on the highway and noted that the road permanently interacts with the seaports and terminals located in the Kaliningrad Region, and also provides for the carriage of goods on a combined gauge 1520 and 1435 mm through the international checkpoints Zheleznodorozhny - Skandava (Poland) and Mamonovo - Braniewo (Poland).

- In the five months of this year, 54.4 thousand TEU containers (TEU) were transported through the Russian-Polish border crossings, which is 5.1% more than in the same period of 2018. This year, the Kaliningrad railway workers, with the participation of European and Chinese partners, intend to transport 220 thousand TEU, - said the head of the Kaliningrad railway, Viktor Golomolzin.


Following the commission’s work, a protocol was signed, in which, in particular, representatives of the Harbin Railway Corporation and the Trans-Baikal Railway confirmed their intention to double the volume of freight traffic through the border crossing Zabaikalsk-Manchuria. Further transit will partially pass through the territory of the Kaliningrad region.


16 / 09 / 19In transit transit containers on the Kaliningrad railway more than doubled in January-August 2019

The transit potential of the Kaliningrad Railway in the direction of China-EU is growing.

20 / 08 / 19Container transit between China and the EU through the Kaliningrad region is growing multiply

This shows interest in the development of the Baltic direction of the trade route "One belt - one way."

12 / 07 / 19Kaliningrad railway is accelerating

The potential of the Kaliningrad railway is growing in terms of transit of containerized cargo from China to the EU and reverse.