Dialogue with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region

18 / 01 / 21

The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (VTP) continues the proven format of the “Dialogue with the Governor” and jointly with the German Embassy in Moscow organizes a Dialogue with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Andreevich Alikhanov on February 9, 2021.

The Governor will present the investment potential of the region and answer questions from participants.

When registering, please indicate the topics and projects that you would like to discuss with the Governor during the event. Due to the restrictions on the number of participants, applications will be considered as they become available and the relevance of the proposed topics.

Pre-registration is required to participate - https://petersburg.russland.ahk.de/ru/meroprijatija-v-sankt-peterburge/detail/dialog-mit-dem-gouverneur-des-kaliningrader-gebietes?fbclid=IwAR3RJ0QNH2L0KbCtDYYuJHbPgMy1iZ03aTStzRkkriQMZq60t2fJB00SB_o

06 / 09 / 21Subsidies for business in Kaliningrad after the abolition of customs privileges will remain until 2031

Previously, it was assumed that from 2020 there will be an annual 5% decrease in the total volume of subsidies to the region.

16 / 08 / 21The Regional Duma supported the extension of reduced insurance premiums for SEZ residents to 10 years

Deputies of the regional parliament supported a federal bill clarifying the taxation procedure for residents of a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. The corresponding decision was made during the meeting of the Regional Duma on Thursday, July 29.

04 / 07 / 21Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of the Kaliningrad region on the region's anniversary

The President of Russia congratulated Kaliningraders on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the region. This date is officially counted from July 4, 1946, when the Konigsberg region, formed two months earlier, was renamed into Kaliningrad, and a new subject of the RSFSR appeared in the place of the captured East Prussia.