Support for SEZ residents in the Kaliningrad region

11 / 06 / 21

The Russian government has supported a bill on amendments to the Tax Code concerning the activities of residents of the Kaliningrad SEZ. Governor Anton Alikhanov announced this on Instagram.

Those registered in the Special Economic Zone on the territory of the Kaliningrad Region are offered to extend the period of validity of the reduced rates of insurance premiums from seven to ten years. They want to extend the benefits to all residents included after 2018.

"It is proposed to introduce a protective mechanism: if a resident is excluded from the SEZ before the investment contract is completed, he will be obliged to pay land tax and unpaid insurance premiums," the head of the region added.

The bill was planned to be submitted to the State Duma on Thursday, June 10. According to Alikhanov, the initiative will enhance "the attractiveness of the SEZ regime in the Kaliningrad region for both current and future residents."

Based on materials https://klops.ru/news/2021-06-11/235148-pravitelstvo-podderzhalo-proekt-o-nalogovyh-lgotah-dlya-rezidentov-kaliningradskoy-oez

06 / 09 / 21Subsidies for business in Kaliningrad after the abolition of customs privileges will remain until 2031

Previously, it was assumed that from 2020 there will be an annual 5% decrease in the total volume of subsidies to the region.

16 / 08 / 21The Regional Duma supported the extension of reduced insurance premiums for SEZ residents to 10 years

Deputies of the regional parliament supported a federal bill clarifying the taxation procedure for residents of a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. The corresponding decision was made during the meeting of the Regional Duma on Thursday, July 29.

04 / 07 / 21Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of the Kaliningrad region on the region's anniversary

The President of Russia congratulated Kaliningraders on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the region. This date is officially counted from July 4, 1946, when the Konigsberg region, formed two months earlier, was renamed into Kaliningrad, and a new subject of the RSFSR appeared in the place of the captured East Prussia.