V International Baltic Business Forum

21 / 10 / 19
The business forum was dedicated to the export potential and achievements of the Kaliningrad region in this direction.

In transit transit containers on the Kaliningrad railway more than doubled in January-August 2019

16 / 09 / 19
The transit potential of the Kaliningrad Railway in the direction of China-EU is growing.

Container transit between China and the EU through the Kaliningrad region is growing multiply

20 / 08 / 19
This shows interest in the development of the Baltic direction of the trade route "One belt - one way."

Kaliningrad railway is accelerating

12 / 07 / 19
The potential of the Kaliningrad railway is growing in terms of transit of containerized cargo from China to the EU and reverse.

Construction of the administrative building of the logistics division

11 / 06 / 19
In the midst of construction work on the administrative building of the logistics division.

The construction of the logistics division has begun

20 / 05 / 19
The construction of the first line of the logistics division began at the site of the industrial park "Western Gate".

New bridge over the Amur. Additional cargo flow from the PRC within the framework of “One belt. One way” through the Kaliningrad region.

03 / 04 / 19
The construction of a powerful new railway bridge between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, which is being commissioned in the near future, is coming to an end. Kaliningrad region is selected for the logistic bundle of railway systems with Russian and European gauge.

Western Gate" at the strategic session of the Corporation for SMEs

01 / 02 / 19
The event was attended by the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region A.A. Alikhanov, Director General of the SME Corporation A.A. Braverman, President of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FF Lapin, representatives of regional authorities and business.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region has set the task to improve the quality of investment management

11 / 01 / 19
On Thursday, January 10, Anton Alikhanov delivered an investment message.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

21 / 12 / 18
Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the New Year 2019 and the bright holiday of Christmas!