The Kaliningrad team of the management company of the Western Gates Industrial Park visited the foresight session of the "BIG Block"

26 / 09 / 18
Leading experts from different regions formed the image of an ideal future, in the context of integration of state structures with block technologies and crypto-economy.

Eurasian Transit Forum

06 / 09 / 18
The company-operator "Balt-Eco" of the industrial park "Western Gate" takes part in the Eurasian transit forum. The forum was held in Kaliningrad in September 2018. The event was organized by the Kaliningrad Railway.

Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on the establishment of an offshore zone on the island of October in the Kaliningrad region

04 / 08 / 18
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on the creation of offshore zones on Russky Island in the Primorsky Territory and the October Island in the Kaliningrad Region. Documents are published on the official portal of legal information.

Export strategy of the region until 2025

25 / 07 / 18
The Ministry for Industrial Policy, Enterprise Development and Trade presented the export strategy of the Kaliningrad region for the next seven years.

Kaliningrad Railways increased trucking

06 / 07 / 18
Kaliningrad railway in the first half of the year increased freight by one third

President Putin V.V. signed the Federal Law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Industrial Policy in the Russian Federation "

28 / 06 / 18
Previously, the Federal Law was adopted by the State Duma on June 5 and approved by the Federation Council on June 20.

Negotiations with INTERBALT (Poland)

22 / 06 / 18
Negotiations were held with INTERBALT (Poland) on the possibility of transshipping hard coal

The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading the law creating a legal basis for the operation of industrial technology parks

06 / 06 / 18
The document amends the law "On industrial policy in the Russian Federation" and introduces the concept of "industrial technology park"

The management company of the park "Western Gate" took part in the exhibition "TransRussia-2018"

02 / 05 / 18
The management company of the West Gate Park took part in the TransRussia-2018 exhibition, holding a series of meetings and negotiations.

The report of the Eurasian Development Bank on increasing the importance of the railway communication on the project "One belt - one way" with Southeast Asia

16 / 04 / 18
In a favorable scenario in the long term, the total freight traffic along the China-ENPP-EU axis could grow to 1.3 million TEU.